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We provide specialist IT consulting services targeted to the needs of medium to large businesses drawing on well-researched ‘best practice’. We use ‘best-practice’ research experience to understand the needs of our customers and apply the appropriate methods and techniques to their situation.

We specialize in consultancy services for Internet and telecoms billing systems. From the wholesale design of new systems to improvements and re-engineering of existing systems .

Billing System Services

 Billing Product Architecture Comparison and Selection
  Rating Billing and Payment System Functional Specification
  Billing Platform Integration Architecture Specification
  Harmonisation of Billing Platforms

IT Consultancy Services:

  Project Management
  Technical Architect
  Technical Design Authority
 Information Architecture design
 Evaluating Project Methodologies
 Migrating from Waterfall to Unified Process
 Adopting Agile or Open UP

We bring experienced quality assurance to any stage of an existing project. We bring techniques of Business Process Engineering and Service Oriented Architecture analysis to integration projects. Or we can help to plan and recommend by comparative cost benefit analysis the appropriate methods for a new project, and provide the appropriate project delivery consultancy to see the project through, working alongside your team and technology partners.